Week 1: How I adapted to the Help Desk

This week, the second semester began, and I became a member of the Help Desk. I learned many new skills, and I have only been in the Help Desk for a week. The transition from my old classes to the help desk was very smooth. The first skill that I learned was how to use WordPress, and how to start a blog. I started my blog, customized it and wrote a blog post. I learned many new customer service skills this week as well. The WIRED customer service guidelines, and my experiences at the Apple and Microsoft stores both helped shape my customer service skills.

The first helpful skill that I learned at the Help Desk was how to make a blog. For the most part this was a very simple process. All that I had to do was register with WordPress and come up with a name for my blog. Next was customization. I chose one of the many free but impressive themes that are available on WordPress. After this, I chose a font and color scheme for my blog. Before this week, I would have had no idea how to make a blog. Writing my first blog post was a relatively simple task, due to the guidelines set by Ms. Scheffer. I had never written a blog post before, but now that I have my first under my belt, I feel that they will become much more easy to write as time goes on.

The second thing I learned this week was proper customer service skills. The WIRED guidelines were very helpful. These are guidelines that teach you how to properly handle a customer when they enter the Help Desk. Not only will these skills help me in the Help Desk, they will help me in my life after high school. This week we gave people a tour of our school, and showed them our technological Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.52.04 AM.pngutilities. I utilized these newfound skills I learned during this tour.  I also learned a lot about customer service when I pretended to be a mystery customer at the Microsoft and Apple stores. I wrote a blog post comparing their customer service skills. This project showed me how two of the most successful companies in the world handle customer service. This was helpful because it showed me a few other ways to talk to customers, and how to have an overall successful customer-employee interaction. Overall, this week was a great learning experience. This week has taught me many helpful skills that I will most likely use in the future, and will help me have a great Help Desk career.



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