iOS 9.3 Can Change How Classrooms Operate

iOS 9.3 is Apple’s newest software update available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is currently available for installation. There are a bunch of cool features that come with this update. One of the most interesting features is Night Shift. One major problem with current technology is the fact that the lights emitted from our screens disrupt our sleep cycle and make falling asleep a challenge. Night Shift is Apple’s solution to this problem. The blue lights that our electronic devices give off are the big issue, so Night Shift changes the colors
of the lights. Night Shift changes the hue of the screen to a lighter yellow color.
This helps us fall asleep while still having the ability to use electronics before bed. This is huge for students, especially students at Burlington High School. Many students, myself included, use technology for a huge portion of their day, including before bed. With Night Shift, students will have a much easier time falling asleep after using their phone/iPad to check social media, watch videos, or do homework. In turn, an increased amount of sleep will help students feel better, and perform better in school.
Apple Classroom is Apple’s soon-to-be released feature that will compete against Google Classroom. Apple Classroom is a groundbreaking, innovative program. It will change the Classroom experience for teachers AND students. Apple Classroom allows teachers to remotely lock studentsiPads,open websites, or open apps on students iPads. They can also see what application each student is using. This is important because it discourages playing games, using social media, or even cheating which can be a huge problem in a school with iPads. Apple Classroom benefits students by allowing them to Airplay presentations to the class. It also prevents students from distractions, helping them learn.


While iOS 9.3 has some awesome new features, it has also proven to have quite a few bugs so far. One huge bug has been the activation bug. The activation bug is a bug that can cause older devices to get frozen upon updating. When the device is updated, it will freeze and not be able to be fixed unless the device is restored. This is a huge problem, and Apple had to pull the update so that people would not have to restore their devices. Apple has released a new version of the update that does not have this problem, so that people with older devices can update to iOS 9.3. Another bug with iOS 9.3 is that Safari is very glitchy. It sometimes will become unresponsive and refuse to open.

While iOS 9.3 is very beneficial to students and teachers, its other features are beneficial to anybody. One new unique feature that iOS 9.3 has is that Notes supports TouchID. This is awesome because you can make all of your notes private, and even store stuff like your passwords in your notes and not have to worry about anybody seeing your private information. Apple Music has also been updated to make it easier to download songs to your library. Overall, iOS 9.3 is an awesome update that has plenty of new features that will help everybody with an Apple device.


ILE Proposal

Needs and Opportunities

Explain the problem you have noticed that needs to be solved with a project like yours. This is also your hook, so make sure you grab the attention of your reader (this proposal will eventually be posted to your blog).


How hard is it to find a simple, unbiased new source for this election? If you are having a hard time, follow @UBElection on Twitter!

Target Audience / Clients / Users

Explain who will benefit from your project. Why did you select this particular audience/client/group to target for your ILE? What is your affiliation with this audience/client/group?

Younger people, and people who do not understand politics well will benefit. I selected this audience because I am also a teenager who will be voting in this upcoming election. Many people I know don’t know a lot about politics, so I thought it would be cool to make a completely unbiased news source on Twitter. This will people my age that will be voting for the first time understand the election in simple, clear language.


What is your timeline for this project. Develop a list of deliverables with specific deadlines. You may find that the timeline needs adjustment during the course of the semester which is fine, but be prepared to articulate why such adjustments were needed.

April 15 Deliverables 50 followers, 50 tweets
April 30 Deliverables 100 followers, 100 tweets, custom logo
May 15 Deliverables 200 followers, 150 tweets



What is the actual product you will show in your final presentation? This project may be small or large scale, digital or analog, but you must have something to show. You will be assessed on what your were able to create/design/produce, not just a great idea that was never implemented.

The product that I will be displaying is the Twitter acount.

Supplies, Resources, and Equipment

What are the supplies, resources (financial, human, etc.) and equipment are you going to need to implement your ILE and turn your idea(s) into a reality?

The only supplies I will need are my laptop and news sources.


Why are you excited up about this project? Inspire us to support you, and give us a great reason to approve your project.


I am excited about this project because I enjoy following politics, and it would be cool to help other teenagers understand what is happening during this election, and help them make an informed voting choice. Many people just vote for someone without knowing a lot, so hopefully my Twitter account will help people choose the right person to vote for.Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.43.26 PM.png

Week of March 7th, 2016: My First Twitter Chat

This week, I participated in my very first Twitter chat! We were fortunate enough to be able to host this chat here in Burlington. Seven other tech teams participated in this Twitter chat: Hamilton Wenham Regio
nal High School, Bishop Feehan High School, Groton Dunstable Tech Task Force, the Shrewsbury High School Student Innovation Team, Governor’s Academy Tech Connectors, Lynnfield High School, and Wakefield Memorial High School. Unfortunately, I was not able to view the chat live because I was at a DECA conference. However, I was able to look over the chat afterwards. I read over many other student’s answers to the questions, and I learned a lot. It provided me with many other thoughtful insights that I hadn’t thought of. When preparing for the chat, I learned about a cool website called Tweetdeck. It is a Twitter Client with many awesome features. I used it to set up my Twitter feed so that I could see the stream of notifications, mentions, direct messages, and #techteamMA. #techteamMA is a hashtag that is required at the end of all of the Tweets that are a part of the chat. This is so that if you view the hashtag, you will see the whole chat. Also, if you set up this hashtag in Tweetdeck, you can see the live stream of Tweets with this hashtag. However, this isn’t the coolest feature of Tweetdeck. My favorite feature of Tweetdeck is the ability to schedule Tweets. You can write out a Tweet on Tweetdeck, and schedule it to get sent out any day at any time. The website doesn’t even have to be open to send out the Tweet. This feature really helped me out with my first Twitter chat. I did not have to be present in order to participate in the chat; all I had to do was write my answers and schedule them to be sent out at a specific time, after the question was asked. Seeing how a Twitter chat works was very interesting. Before this, I thought that everyone had to be there live and answer as the questions were asked. Now I know that everyone is given a sheet that has the questions and the time that they are asked. This is helpful because it allows you to give well thought answers planned in advance. During the chat, you can focus on following others, favoriting, retweeting, or replying to tweets rather than thinking out your answers. This will help you make connections, which is very important in the real world because it can help you get a job and give you many opportunities. I enjoyed my first Twitter chat and am eager for the next so that I can be there live!

How Duolingo Can Teach You A New Language

The app Duolingo is a free app that helps you learn a new language. It is very simple to use. All you have to do is register for a free account, pick a language you want to learn, and begin taking lessons. Within the app, you can set a goal for how many experience points you want to earn daily. Experience points are rewarded when you finish a lesson. Each lesson is a short quiz that teaches you new words, and there are many lessons. Each day, the app sends a notification to remind you to finish your lessons. If you ignore them, you lose progress and have to retake old lessons. This is very beneficial because it helps reinforce the words you learned. One cool feature that this app has is you can share your progress with a teacher or parent by adding their email under the progress sharing setting. On top of the constant notification reminders, the app is a genuinely fun game, and it keeps its users coming back. In my opinion, many students would enjoy using this app in their foreign language classes.

In my Sophomore year, our Italian teacher had us use Duolingo, and it was very helpful. It helped me get an awesome grade on my final exam. Within the app you can add your friends to your friends list and see where you stand on a leaderboard with them. This provides some friendly competition which will encourage students to continue using the app. Another cool feature that Duolingo has is you can upload your progress to LinkedIn, and it will provide the percentage fluent you are in that language! Duolingo can help teach students new words, and help reinforce words that they already know. Based on my experiences, I believe that Duolingo can play a large role in many foreign language classrooms. Overall, I would give Duolingo a five-star rating because it is an awesome app that helps teach you a new language for free.

Week of February 15th, 2016: Writing my first Screencast

This week, I made my first screencast. You can check it out here
. In my screencast, I showed how to use the Find & Replace feature in Google Docs. This is a very helpful tool in Google Docs. If you misspell a word multiple times, you can find the word each time it appears and replace it with the correct spelling in one click.  While making this screencast, I learned a lot of helpful skills that will help me with future screencasts. I also ran into a couple of problems. However, these problems were learning experiences and they will help me in the future.

One problem that I ran into while making this screencast was the preparation. In order to prepare for this screencast I wrote a script. While I was recording, I realized that some of my wording was awkward, and it didn’t sound correct. I had to record and rearrange my script multiple times. I found that I was relying on the script too much. I was almost reading directly from the script, which made my wording awkward, and it soundedScreencast Cover Slide.jpg like I was reading. From now on, I will make sure to not rely on a script as much. I will write a basic script so I have an outline to follow, but I will improvise it much more so it sounds more natural.

Despite there being a few mistakes, I think it was a positive experience. I learned a valuable lesson from my mistakes, and that will help me with my future screencasts. Other than the mistakes I made, I think I did a good job on my first screencast, and I am proud of my work. I imagined making a screencast would be challenging, but it came somewhat naturally. Before I started recording I was nervous that it wouldn’t be good. Once I started recording, it flowed and I did fine. I feel good about how my screencast went, and I am excited to make many more.

Making a screencast title slide was also a very good learning experience. I used Google Drawings to make it. It exercised my creativity, and I ended up with a cool title slide I can use for my future screencasts. Also, the title slide has my Twitter and blog, so anyone who sees it can easily find my Twitter or blog. Overall, I am proud of my work, and am looking forward towards the rest of my experience at the Help Desk.