Week of March 7th, 2016: My First Twitter Chat

This week, I participated in my very first Twitter chat! We were fortunate enough to be able to host this chat here in Burlington. Seven other tech teams participated in this Twitter chat: Hamilton Wenham Regio
nal High School, Bishop Feehan High School, Groton Dunstable Tech Task Force, the Shrewsbury High School Student Innovation Team, Governor’s Academy Tech Connectors, Lynnfield High School, and Wakefield Memorial High School. Unfortunately, I was not able to view the chat live because I was at a DECA conference. However, I was able to look over the chat afterwards. I read over many other student’s answers to the questions, and I learned a lot. It provided me with many other thoughtful insights that I hadn’t thought of. When preparing for the chat, I learned about a cool website called Tweetdeck. It is a Twitter Client with many awesome features. I used it to set up my Twitter feed so that I could see the stream of notifications, mentions, direct messages, and #techteamMA. #techteamMA is a hashtag that is required at the end of all of the Tweets that are a part of the chat. This is so that if you view the hashtag, you will see the whole chat. Also, if you set up this hashtag in Tweetdeck, you can see the live stream of Tweets with this hashtag. However, this isn’t the coolest feature of Tweetdeck. My favorite feature of Tweetdeck is the ability to schedule Tweets. You can write out a Tweet on Tweetdeck, and schedule it to get sent out any day at any time. The website doesn’t even have to be open to send out the Tweet. This feature really helped me out with my first Twitter chat. I did not have to be present in order to participate in the chat; all I had to do was write my answers and schedule them to be sent out at a specific time, after the question was asked. Seeing how a Twitter chat works was very interesting. Before this, I thought that everyone had to be there live and answer as the questions were asked. Now I know that everyone is given a sheet that has the questions and the time that they are asked. This is helpful because it allows you to give well thought answers planned in advance. During the chat, you can focus on following others, favoriting, retweeting, or replying to tweets rather than thinking out your answers. This will help you make connections, which is very important in the real world because it can help you get a job and give you many opportunities. I enjoyed my first Twitter chat and am eager for the next so that I can be there live!


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