ILE Proposal

Needs and Opportunities

Explain the problem you have noticed that needs to be solved with a project like yours. This is also your hook, so make sure you grab the attention of your reader (this proposal will eventually be posted to your blog).


How hard is it to find a simple, unbiased new source for this election? If you are having a hard time, follow @UBElection on Twitter!

Target Audience / Clients / Users

Explain who will benefit from your project. Why did you select this particular audience/client/group to target for your ILE? What is your affiliation with this audience/client/group?

Younger people, and people who do not understand politics well will benefit. I selected this audience because I am also a teenager who will be voting in this upcoming election. Many people I know don’t know a lot about politics, so I thought it would be cool to make a completely unbiased news source on Twitter. This will people my age that will be voting for the first time understand the election in simple, clear language.


What is your timeline for this project. Develop a list of deliverables with specific deadlines. You may find that the timeline needs adjustment during the course of the semester which is fine, but be prepared to articulate why such adjustments were needed.

April 15 Deliverables 50 followers, 50 tweets
April 30 Deliverables 100 followers, 100 tweets, custom logo
May 15 Deliverables 200 followers, 150 tweets



What is the actual product you will show in your final presentation? This project may be small or large scale, digital or analog, but you must have something to show. You will be assessed on what your were able to create/design/produce, not just a great idea that was never implemented.

The product that I will be displaying is the Twitter acount.

Supplies, Resources, and Equipment

What are the supplies, resources (financial, human, etc.) and equipment are you going to need to implement your ILE and turn your idea(s) into a reality?

The only supplies I will need are my laptop and news sources.


Why are you excited up about this project? Inspire us to support you, and give us a great reason to approve your project.


I am excited about this project because I enjoy following politics, and it would be cool to help other teenagers understand what is happening during this election, and help them make an informed voting choice. Many people just vote for someone without knowing a lot, so hopefully my Twitter account will help people choose the right person to vote for.Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.43.26 PM.png


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