headshotHi! I’m Lucas Townsend, a senior at Burlington High School. This is my first year working at the Help Desk. I will be working in the Help desk in 7th period. I joined the Help Desk because I am good with computers, and I feel like it would be a fun experience to help other students with their iPads and other types of technology. I am better at using Windows computers because I have been using them longer, however I am still proficient using a Mac.

Some of my favorite apps for personal use would be Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify and Netflix. For school, my favorite apps would be Notability, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Classroom. Technology helps me learn because there are many apps that organize all of your notes and files into one secure location that you can access at any time. Also, all of the information in the world is available with the click of a button, which is extremely helpful. My favorite tech trick would be that you can do math in the search bar on a Mac.

Some of my other interests in school are business and history. Outside of school, I played football and I am a part of DECA. After high school I am going to attend college and major in a business field. You can connect with me on Twitter @lucastown40 on my blog townsendtechbhs.wordpress.com, or check out my about.me. A random fact about me is that I have been watching and playing football since I was seven years old.


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