How do Microsoft and Apple’s customer service compare?

Hi guys! Today, I have been tasked with playing the role of a mystery shopper to determine the quality of customer service at the Apple and Microsoft store. At the Apple store, I will be looking at the 13.3 Inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display. At the Microsoft store, I will be looking at the 13.5 Inch Surface Book. The three questions I will be asking the representatives are:

  1. What are some features of this laptop that make it a good choice for a college student?
  2. What makes this laptop superior to a cheaper laptop?
  3. Is this laptop powerful enough to run powerful video/photo editing software?


o  Upon entering the Apple store, I was greeted by an employee. He said “Hey! Is there anything I can help you with?”. When I was looking at the Macbook Pro, I was approached by a different employee. She asked me if I needed to know anything about the product. When I asked her my first question, she replied by telling me about how it is a slim and portable laptop that can handle everything your average college student would need to use it for. Personally, she would recommend it. When I asked my second question, she told me that the cheaper laptops were not as powerful as the Macbook Pro, and that they were not as simple to use. The Macbook also has Retina Display, which makes the Macbook’s display much better looking than an average laptop. After my third question, she told me that the Pro can run Photoshop and video editing programs just fine, however the Air or regular Macbook would have some trouble. She had a lot of product knowledge. She informed me of Applecare and that she would recommend it. She did not compare it to any other competitors. She was very friendly, and used very simple terms that most people would understand. The employee concluded my interaction by asking if I wanted to make a purchase. I told her that I would think about it and return soon. She said “That’s fine! Come back any time and I’d be happy to help!”. Overall, the customer service at the Apple store was great. I would give it a 10/10.


microsoft-store-bellevue  When I entered the Microsoft store I was not greeted, but I believe it was because everybody was busy. When I was looking at the Surface Book, I was approached by a representative who asked me if there was anything I needed to know about the Surface Book, so I asked him my first question. He told me it was a great choice for college students. He told me about how it is very portable, and that the touchscreen can be very useful for a student. To my second question he said none of the cheaper laptops had touchscreens and were as powerful as the Surface Book. When I asked my final question, he said that it can run those programs with no problem, and he explained in depth how the processor could handle those programs. This was confusing to me. He informed me about the extended warranty that I could buy. He did not mention any competitors. He was very friendly, but was kind of confusing at parts. He asked me if I wanted to buy it now, and when I told him I would come back he said I could “Come back whenever I can”. Overall, I would rate our interaction a 9/10, only because some of his explanations were confusing. If he was less confusing, then I would rate him a 10/10.

The WIRED customer service plan is a very useful guide to customer service. It is to welcome the customer, investigate the issue, resolve the issue, encourage a return, and develop a relationship. In my experience, both of the representatives hit on these key points, which my experience could have been so excellent.

I learned a lot about customer service from this experience. From now on, when I am helping someone in the Help Desk, I will make sure to explain everything in a simple way so they can understand, but I will also be a lot more friendly, because it makes the interaction go by much smoother.