What is a Podcast and how can it Help in a Learning Environment?

According to dictionary.com, a podcast can be defined as “a digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer:”

A podcast is a better option for learning than worksheets because they are much more engaging. A podcast is hosted by people with personalities. They are just like radio show hosts where they are funny and joke around. While they are joking around, and keep students engaged, they are still teaching students. This makes it much more effective than worksheets.

Podcasting helps students contribute to an online learning environment, and develops a positive internet presence. Both of these are ISTE Standards for students. What this means is that the ISTE considers these traits to help lead to a successful future for current students.

Three free apps that can be used to make podcasts on an iPad are: Voice Record Pro, Spreaker Studio, and Recorder Plus HD. In my opinion, Spreaker Studio is the best, and Voice Record Pro is the worst among these three apps. My reasoning for this is because Voice Record Pro is just a simple voice recorder with not much else to it. Next is Recorder Plus HD. It can record voice, but you can also edit it. The best is Spreaker studio because it can be broadcasted live on their podcast network, Spreaker.

My first tip for creating a great podcast would be to have personality. Don’t be boring; tell stories and captivate the listener while still teaching a lesson. My second tip would be to upload it somewhere it will get attention. This way, people will benefit from your podcast. Another tip is to use a quality microphone. This will ensure that your listeners can understand you. Tip four is to make sure your podcast is not too long. Nobody wants to listen to a podcast that is too long, so this will ensure people finish your podcast. My final tip is to regularly upload podcasts, so that you get a loyal fanbase. Some more tips can be found here, here, and here.

One way that students can share their podcasts with a global audience is through Soundcloud. Soundcloud is an online mp3 sharing website that is used to upload music and podcasts. Students can also use Spreaker Studio to strea
m their podcast to a global audience, live! One more service that students can use to share their podcast is

In order to record a podcast on your iPad, you will need a microphone adapter, headphones, and a microphone. For the microphone adapter I would recommend the CableJive XLR Microphone Adapter. This adapter allows you to use a microphone that is of higher quality than the built in microphone. For a
microphone I would suggest the
KssFire Professional Condenser. The mic is of much better quality than the iPad’s internal mic, it has great reviews, and is affordable. Finally for a headset, I would recommend the Tauren Stereo Headphone. It has great sound quality and is very affordable.   



5 Tips to Save Battery Life on iPad and iPhone!

Have you ever gotten to work/school and realized that your iPad/iPhone is low on battery? It happens to the best of us and it really makes the day a pain. If you follow these five quick simple tricks, then your battery can last for much longer!

Here are the tips!

  1. Turn down the brightness
  2. Close background apps
  3. Use low power mode
  4. Turn off Bluetooth
  5. Check out the battery menu

Make sure to check out my screencast to see how these tips are done!

iOS 9.3 Can Change How Classrooms Operate

iOS 9.3 is Apple’s newest software update available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is currently available for installation. There are a bunch of cool features that come with this update. One of the most interesting features is Night Shift. One major problem with current technology is the fact that the lights emitted from our screens disrupt our sleep cycle and make falling asleep a challenge. Night Shift is Apple’s solution to this problem. The blue lights that our electronic devices give off are the big issue, so Night Shift changes the colors
of the lights. Night Shift changes the hue of the screen to a lighter yellow color.
This helps us fall asleep while still having the ability to use electronics before bed. This is huge for students, especially students at Burlington High School. Many students, myself included, use technology for a huge portion of their day, including before bed. With Night Shift, students will have a much easier time falling asleep after using their phone/iPad to check social media, watch videos, or do homework. In turn, an increased amount of sleep will help students feel better, and perform better in school.
Apple Classroom is Apple’s soon-to-be released feature that will compete against Google Classroom. Apple Classroom is a groundbreaking, innovative program. It will change the Classroom experience for teachers AND students. Apple Classroom allows teachers to remotely lock studentsiPads,open websites, or open apps on students iPads. They can also see what application each student is using. This is important because it discourages playing games, using social media, or even cheating which can be a huge problem in a school with iPads. Apple Classroom benefits students by allowing them to Airplay presentations to the class. It also prevents students from distractions, helping them learn.


While iOS 9.3 has some awesome new features, it has also proven to have quite a few bugs so far. One huge bug has been the activation bug. The activation bug is a bug that can cause older devices to get frozen upon updating. When the device is updated, it will freeze and not be able to be fixed unless the device is restored. This is a huge problem, and Apple had to pull the update so that people would not have to restore their devices. Apple has released a new version of the update that does not have this problem, so that people with older devices can update to iOS 9.3. Another bug with iOS 9.3 is that Safari is very glitchy. It sometimes will become unresponsive and refuse to open.

While iOS 9.3 is very beneficial to students and teachers, its other features are beneficial to anybody. One new unique feature that iOS 9.3 has is that Notes supports TouchID. This is awesome because you can make all of your notes private, and even store stuff like your passwords in your notes and not have to worry about anybody seeing your private information. Apple Music has also been updated to make it easier to download songs to your library. Overall, iOS 9.3 is an awesome update that has plenty of new features that will help everybody with an Apple device.